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 Stelburg Investments' goal is to compound investor wealth over the long-term by blending local and international fund management skills in a well-considered, coordinated and active manner, whilst at the same time avoiding significant loss of capital in times of market turbulence.

This approach allows the investor diversified access to some of the country and globe's most talented managers, at a reasonable cost. Investment complexity is reduced and offers the investor a comprehensive financial and estate planning solution.

The Stelburg Investments portfolio management team has in excess of 20 years combined experience, and a variety of highly respected graduate and postgraduate qualifications and professional industry training. Each manager is experienced in money management in the professional and corporate environment in both local and international markets.  Our experienced support staff demonstrates a high level of dedication and commitment to client service and professionalism.

Stelburg Investments offers a range of niche investment management portfolios and aims to establish itself as the premier independent investment solutions provider to the independent intermediary.  We at Stelburg Investments believe that savings and investments are critical to the growth of South Africa’s economy, employment creation, and to the betterment of the quality of people’s lives.